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Man with a homemade explosive confrontation with the police 40 m

Man with a home-made explosives and lighter ,bound with a nailing strip bamboo ,looks like hedgehogs .SWAT team members quickly before the man down to the ground in less than two seconds completely be uniform red net Zhangjiajie Railway Station January 15th dispatch (reporter Yang Hui ) January 13th morning 10 when ,in Zhangjiajie city Yongding district town on highway 306 ,a man with a home-made explosives and lighter ,bound with a nailing strip bamboo ,growled today to take the death of several !In a confrontation with the police for nearly 40 minutes, while the police off within two seconds of its uniform .
Confrontation :this man will be a studded with nails long wooden cross in the middle of the road ,blocking the passing vehicles and pedestrians ,kept shaking the hands of homemade explosives and lighter ,at any time may energize !It is the transport during the Spring Festival period, from Zhangjiajie to Jishou highway 306 hundreds ofvehicles were blocked ,nearly a thousand people were stranded .
For safety reasons ,the police quickly to State Road 306 afterPing Road traffic control ,emergency evacuation of nearby residents and the crowd .Subsequently, the police tried to approach the man ,the drop of explosives and lighter ,but was refused .
The man said: as long as the local police station people come ,I point da !Situation a stalemate .Orders :the command center when the instruction ,Zhangjiajie Municipal Public Security Bureau Special patrol commander Gong Wenxiong is leading the team members in the street performing anti-pickpocket task .
This is an emergency ,can not afford time to change the explosion-proof equipment ,the SWAT team members rushed from the city to the town site .In order not to cause the man ,SWAT team members all put on clothes, in the scene and quickly established a crucial group .
After the surrounding terrain and male behavior of careful observation ,decided to take advantage of man three SWAT team members mainly by its control ,the other players will man wrapped auxiliary items and explosive separation .
Upon determination of the scheme ,a dozen police dispersed in the surrounding masses ,ready to fight .Capture :ten forty .Yongding branch of the security group chief Kang Xinglei to countryside cadre identity nearly mad men ,and gossip, ask demand ,christian louboutin uk,distract his attention .
In the men release the right hand to take appeal from his pocket book moment ,Kang Xinglei clung to its holding a lighter hand ,louboutin pas cher,almost at the same moment ,SWAT team members quickly before the man down to the ground ,in less than two seconds completely be uniform ,and will take away from the scene of explosives .
EOD team in the safety of explosives were removed ,to find explosives made by the Department of gunpowder ,several ten steel balls are filled in ,round barrel ,outer winding several layers of tape ,port tied with fuse .
At present, the suspect has been handed over to the police station after Ping ,middle the case is further trying .Case :investigation, suspect named Tian XX ,Yongding district town people .
Previously, Tian x for personal purpose repeated threats of village leaders, in schools and other buried bomb .On 2011, after police ,government officials to do the job ,he will be the explosives to the police station ,causing no serious consequences .
Don January 13th morning 10 when ,the suspect did the trick, carrying homemade explosives blocking traffic .At present, the suspect has been detained by public security .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN021 )Changan District Guo Du Town at the age of 59, Wang Changyu ,these days in 521 hospital treatment ofMinistry of ordnance industry .
He transferred to families proposed ,by his wife refused to .March 22nd zero hour 40 minutes ,he suddenly out of control ,with a ca. 20 cmknife saw cut ,cause 9 people,including his wife was a cut .
After the incident ,the police arrested him ,the wounded after rescue, is currently in a stable condition ,no life danger .Protection of the patient by medical care personnel injury March 22nd zero hour 40 minutes ,christian louboutin shoes,everyone in the room when sleeping ,suddenly heard the emergency department doorway someone cries desperately ,hurry ,hurry up ,man ,someone with a knife cut at random .
.. ... Emergency department medical staff in the corridor on the shout ,all the room of the patient to shut the door ,don .According to Zhang Baie in the hospital ward in place next to a patient said ,hear outside shouts ,he ran out of the ward ,just go to the emergency department the door ,saw an ambulance stopped at the door ,three health care workers to open the door ,preparing to bring a man carried off injured in a car accident .
Suddenly ,a man ran up to him, took the knife to a male doctor cut off ,Louboutin Ireland,before being cut by male doctors react, him two other medical personnel quickly to have carried off the advance emergency vehicles ,just close the door the moment, one of doctors and nurses mangled .
Come unexpectedly scene scared the families of patients at a loss ,quickly turned to wards run .He said ,he was very touched ,three nurses had turned to run, you may be mangled .However, when confronted with a knife cutting time, three of them did not leave the wounded ,also has carried off injured again carried on emergency vehicles protected .
Otherwise ,the wounded man was the cut .Hospital order yesterday returned to normal yesterday morning, the reporters came to the hospital 521 ,saw a police command car park at the inside of the door to the yard ,police officers and staff in inpatient department entrance .
In addition ,the whole yard vehicles and pedestrians going in and out of each section office ,hospital orderly ,almost can not see anything unusual .The relevant personnel introduces ,be cut a total of 9 people ,including 2 peopleis 521 hospitalsecurity personnel ,2 people are120 emergency personnel,1 werecut man ,the rest of the innocent is hospitalized patients and their families .
After the incident ,police arrived at the scene have cut man captured .Is the cut 9 of the injuredwere in facial features department and Department of internal medicine for treatment of nerve .
But ,to facial features ,louboutin pas cher,3 menstood outside the Department ,one for each entrant must strictly inquiry ,examination ,even wearing a white coat of the medical personnel can enter at will as usual .
When the news media reporters asking the situation, were to guard the door staff declined .The hospital in addition to told reporters ,a total of 9 people of differentlevels are cut ,temporarily does not have life-threatening outside ,the accident ,the injury ,age ,gender ,occupation and other information disclosed .
A paramedic ,from 22 until two thirty in the morning,they simultaneously on 9 injuredby operation rescue ,morning 9 when operation was fully successful ,the wounded are trauma ,injury are relatively stable, no person has life danger .
The police reported cases causes yesterday noon ,Xi City Public Security Bureau police Yanta Branch Bureau long extension of Fort police station ,to the media about the day of the early morning in 521hospitalswith a knife man case case .
March 22nd zero hour 52 minutes ,long extension of Fort police station received a report said :in the arms industry department of the 521 Hospital EmergencyBuilding 1 floor place patients stabbing attacks .
He quickly out of the hospital ,security cooperation, will Wang Changyu ( male ,59 years old,Changan District Guo Du Town ) was overpowered and captured .After the incident ,province ,city the leader takes seriously highly ,the provincial public security department deputy director ,Xi Municipal Committee ,Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Bureau of public security ,Du Hangwei rushed to the scene, quickly to treat the wounded and to cases of investigation and evidence collection work put forward to make clear a requirement .
The initial police questioning investigation ,stabbing a crime suspect Wang Changyu ,because the doctor to his family raised during transfer ,by his wife refused ,resulting in emotional control ,and knife ,his wife and the scene of the hospital staff ,other patients are a total of 9 cut,the injured is currently in a stable condition ,no life risk .
The case is currently under further investigation and consideration .Reporter Li Yongli Li Jia Intern Jin Guoying to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog
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2 inmates escaped from cohorts. Dali plot of Heqing middle schoo

In the Suzhou jail two inmates to escape, and invited others to escape, was finally on the direction of prison officials.On February 15th, the Suzhou City Intermediate Court in Suzhou prison on the escape case verdict, two prisoners convicted of plotting escapes, won the praise of whistleblowers.
The family lives in Lixin Wang due to theft, blackmail and impose exactions on crime, in July 16, 2004 by the Bozhou City Intermediate People's court sentenced to seventeen years in prison, in 2009 into the Suzhou prison reform.
Also live in Lixin more than one armed robbery, blackmail and impose exactions on crime, in September 9, 2010 by the Bozhou City Intermediate People's court sentenced to life imprisonment, in December 14, 2010 into the Suzhou prison.
2011 day in July, two men conspired to escape from prison.Subsequently, two multiple negotiate specific escape plan, and observed the escape terrain, Wang also prepared tools.Two people are in the rainy night implementation of prison break.
In October 3rd the same year, Wang was invited in a prison in Suzhou a high common to escape, and to a high inform detailed the escape plan, make a responsible for making escape via lock "key".In the very next day morning to a prison cadres were.
Suzhou City Intermediate People's court,louboutin pas cher, the accused Wang, Yu Mou is in prison, not repent, plotted and prepared tools escaped from prison, two average per capita constitutes crime of escape.Two the defendants to escape to actively prepare tools, manufacturing condition, but as the will for reasons other than to begin to execute, Department of preparation for a crime, according to the accomplished offense committed lighter punishment.
This escape and sentenced the accused Wang set term of imprisonment zero six months a year, and the original decision to cooperate in the implementation of imprisonment of nine years and zero eight months; and sentenced the accused to more than one imprisonment for one year, and the original penalty associated with implementation of life imprisonment.
After the sentencing, the court to report meritorious high a praise.(Cao Jie, Zhang Zhimin, reporter Zhang Tao) to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended | micro-blog hot today 3 people fleeing into Heqing County occupation high school campus knife robbery suspects there should be student journalists from the Heqing County Public Security Bureau, Heqing "3, 26" into the knife robbery.
3 suspects have been arrested.March 26th at 13 am,louboutin pas cher, 3 suspects knife cross the wall into Heqing County occupation high school campus, running into the boys' dormitory, respectively using the knife threat and searched the way, to the protection fee for, stress 7 students get 113 yuan in cash after the escape.
In the process of escape in, the suspect Zhang and Li Mou is school teacher captured.After the incident, students and parents to the school violated student safety case is panic, especially that there is still a suspect is not captured,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, but jittery.
Heqing County Public Security Bureau Yunhe quickly out of the police station, police to have captured two suspects for questioning,louboutin, take the criminal compulsory measures at the same time, and actively carry out survey,Louboutin Ireland, cues touch drainage, to capture the escaped another suspect.
Of students in the investigation process, in the face of dodge about expression, experienced police know that students must have known suspect.To do a lot of work, the police finally learned not to suspect that the school is the high school student name.
To understand the situation, the police quickly found the suspect family and social relations, carries on the control to capture.On March 29th, the criminal suspect Li Mou in Yunhe town street of rental housing is captured on the same day, Heqing County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention.
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Coma depositors in family without password withdrawals by banks

HuaianXuyi Zhu a sudden cerebral hemorrhage was admitted to the hospital, Mr. Zhu reminds his wife before the Xuyi rural commercial bank deposit 38000yuan,so I went to the bank hoped to give to his wife for help and bank deposit ,but must adhere to the present, otherwise no password can withdraw .
Until his wife died after a few days ,Mr Zhu was taken out of the deposit ,but Mr Zhu thinks the bank basic lack of flexibility which led to his wife missed the best treatment time .In negotiations after the fruit, Mr.
Zhu to Jiangsu News Radio government program complaints hotline .Huaian Xuyi County town of Zhu Shihai and his wife to stare year working in Wuxi ,in May 18th 1 in the morning,his wife suffered a brain haemorrhage ,were rushed to hospital .
Zhu Shihai said ,in November 2nd last year, his wife in the county of Xuyi Rural Commercial Bank branch in town deposit thirty-eight thousand yuan, now in urgent need of the money ,though I don he should let deposit password ,eldest son Zhu Yadong to return to Xuyi to try to put the money out .
My son stayed a day his request .I have to attend, to report the loss of my son and attended the signing ,he said that the man is but a breath ,nor speech ,how to ?My son as he knelt down ,ask he wants what formalities ,he has to be the residence booklet ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,identity cards hospital ,community ,we all give him ,he the governor or not ,but I always got signed to the scene ,at five o the money did not give me a for .
On May 22nd, the people issued a critical condition, in order to avoid his wife died after cremation in remote ,Zhu Shihai and his wife to Xuyi to rescue the local hospital .The borrowed money was spent ,withdrew the money is urgent .
May 23rd at ten am ,Zhu Shihai and his son came to Xuyi County Rural Commercial Bank branch in town for money, Zhu Shihai tells a reporter ,until this time bank cashier clerk or stressed that I arrived, which made him very angry .
In the dispute ,a local Xuyi home network media that this came in an interview ,louboutin pas cher,Zhu Shihai said ,the attitude of the banks have big change immediately . Head office to open a small car ,the eight or nine man to come ,bank director came over, said later that the old comrades old comrade you come I give you for ,I say people are under critical condition ,as long as you don for .
Later, also gave me to be an ID card ,he gave me the money .The death of his wife in May 26th ,after his wife Zhu Shihai is buried in the heart more and more like you . My heart is not balanced ,the media to you what formalities ,you don what people to sign ,to ID card would give the money to me ,you have 20,21,my son go to when you want me to procedures ,you affect me treatment .
The reporters found rural commercial bank of Xuyi City branch ,the branch president Wu Qian said, according to regulations of the bank ,for the loss of business password must be customers I carry identity cards to the scene for ,or belonged to violate compasses operation .
By May 23rd, Zhu Shihai and his son came to the city branch ,put forward again to handle business ,Wu Qian asked the city branch of head office leader ,agreed to exchange two million to hospital accounts ,another eighteen thousand yuan in cash .
(he is feeling a bit emotional ,he completely cashed ) we are reaffirmed what provisions ,report the loss according to the provisions of the password to my presence ,we are special ,cannot say the man unconscious also request to the scene ,not possible .
( the half cash and half sinks to the hospital ,what consider safety ) .As for the media to intervene only after give Zhu Shihai money, Xuyi Rural Commercial Bank Vice President Liu Zhiyong said ,it is just a coincidence .
This has been the case in the early days ,we deal with this matter ,just follow this coincidence ,not the media came did we help him ,because our early days we have agreed to give him the report of loss .
Xuyi Rural Commercial Bank Vice President Liu Zhiyong said ,christian louboutin uk,due to the failure to timely to customers for the withdrawal ,they devoted to research ,and on the branch and department heads to make fine processing ,informed criticism .
From the system does not have the question ,but the humanized service for the requirements, we pass this matter ,to the system design considering the case ,our bank will design a system ,to the superior record ,flexibility and institutional explanation ,we all learned to this matter ,with customers to more comprehensive services .
In June 20th Zhu Shihai told reporters ,Xuyi rural commercial bank several staff to Wuxi ,apologized to him, and gave him thirty-eight thousand yuan condolatory gold . Xuyi commercial bank secretary Wang and union director Huang to come to Wuxi ,very sincere apology ,and give me thirty-eight thousand yuan condolatory gold ,I see their attitude is sincere ,very satisfied ,thank you .
The Nanjing University of Finances and Economics finance professor Wang Jiaqi thinks ,the bank in this event in the legal practice but not reasonable ,in response to this incident ,the bank should be established as soon as possible within a rapid response mechanism ,can be resolved at the earliest such emergencies .
Bank internal strict access provisions to avoid financial risks is to .But in this specific case ,Louboutin Shoes,the depositor is become unconscious and unable to provide the password ,and at risk ,banks should hand in view of the actual situation, to establish a rapid response mechanism .
Welcome to comment to share: the micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN010 )the newspaper news ( reporter pay Ducie ) last December, in a Internet bar receiving the toilet with bomb call, the boss immediately to make more than 40 guests evacuate ,police report also sent more than 100 policerushed to the scene investigation, the results did not find a bomb .
Originally, this is a video chat room chair to 1000 netizenslive a farce .Yesterday, in the court hearing the case .Love the Internet chat Liu Xin (a pseudonym ) is 22 years old this year ,staying in Sichuan Province Road Construction of a housing .
On the net, the identity of Liu Xin is chatting room compere ,responsible for the music ,active in the chat room atmosphere .Last year in December 7th 11 at night,chatting room came a visitor ,and constantly refresh said: hit 023 -6540****,a cafe ,a fake police said there was a bomb in the Internet cafes ,Internet cafes to play with .
I feel that the fun ,the direct use of my network phone tourists with this number .Liu Xin said ,the phone is a waitress .Liu Xin told him :I am riot police ,your Internet bar toilet with bombs ,Internet cafes in the personnel evacuate immediately .
The waitress was immediately called the boss Wang ,Liu Xin on the phone still posing as police officers to king boss to evacuate guests .Subsequently,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, dare not let down the king boss had more than 40 customers and 4staff membersfled to the Internet bar ,can be left wait right etc also did not see the police come over ,the king boss so called 110 alarm.
Desert police immediately dispatched nearly 100 policeInternet cafes will be blocked ,and the investigation of it again, but did not find a bomb .Through the investigation ,in December 15th last year, 2 pm,the police in Sichuan Province road construction rental housing will Liu Xin captured .
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